Hybrid System

Hybrid power plant with storage

Hybrid power plants combine at least two different energy types. Rather common is the combination of diesel-generators and renewable energy systems with or without storage. The actual configuration is very site and company specific. It depends on irradiation and wind characteristics as well as on access to financing and the specifications of the existing gensets in case of a retrofitHybrid power plant without storage

PV-diesel-or wind -hybrid-power plants without storage have rather low finance costs. there is an option to connect the plant to the grid, which is applied in regions with an unstable grid or reduce bill electric . In the typical off-grid solution or on- grid, the electricity from the solar power plant is used with priority, the diesel generators the missing gap between the solar output and the load from the mineThe hybrid off-grid power plant without storage requires rather low investment costs. As neither solar nor wind energy are a stable source of energy and diesel gensets need a certain time for start-up, this solution normally requires the gensets to run constantly at least at a minimum load or at night depend on wind energy or nation company electricity if present